Happy Momma’s Day

Some time ago.
Some time before me.

My mother’s likely reading a romance novel on this mother’s day while my father is off fishing on the opener. Her little black dog, Sebastian, is likely curled up in her lap, or pressed against her leg on the sofa. Her books no longer come in the form of breeze-blown Fabio with his nipples showing and breeze-blown Olivia Newton John with her nipples showing, wrapped in the arms of Fabio, who’s clearly saved her and her sexual well-being from – something. I couldn’t tell you, I’ve never read one. Her cover is now the black back-side of a Nook where she can purchase as many books whenever she feels like without my father ever even knowing, much to his snarky disagreement.

I used to jokingly give Mom hell about her smut novels; the books piled high all over the house, but rarely, if ever on any shelf I can remember: in boxes ready for rummage sales or sending to grandma’s house for her perusal, on tables, on the floor next to bed, everywhere, really. At least Dad can be happy about one thing, Nook means no more piles of books.

I used to give her hell, then one day I grew up and one) became a feminist and “smut” no longer survives in my vocabulary, even if a joke, and two) I realized that Mom getting so lost in her books, every day, before she gets out of bed on a Sunday morning, all of Saturday afternoon, in the living room with the TV on and all of us making noise in the evening, it didn’t (and doesn’t) phase her, she read and read, it taught me to be always reading and to love words.

Mom and Kristan and I always ended up at B. Dalton’s for books in West Acres, and though I don’t have my mother’s ability to focus when there are distracting sounds and such, reading happened a lot. Mom’s best at teaching through example. Her words often get all tough-love and riddled with the etiquecies that were forced onto her, most of which I couldn’t make apply to me even if I wanted, and somehow, somehow, I tend to catch her on her bad days, but the reading. I will forever thank her, especially if I ever end up making any cash at this writing career thing.

So I’m going to let her enjoy her book today, because I know that before the day is out, she hop on Facebook and have a look.