Hi. Waves. I’m Libby. I write and travel and crochet and want to surround myself with dogs or at least one dog. I make grand generalizations and associations on culture over time. I’m snarky and silly and serious and talk about sex and swear (both more than my mother would like) and have trouble focusing. This is my first effort: Friday Night Fargo. I’ve been writing FNF for the better part of seven years. Okay, that’s not true, after my MA in Bath, England the book was strewn about the back seat of my car for many months. I picked it up again during my MFA in Chicago but quickly lost my nerve and direction and began another project. It’s time the book is finished.

This blog brings you many musings and scenes. It’s a creative project in itself. A fractured narrative, if you will. Many, many musings on Fargo, travel, life, relationships, women, race, being a woman, in support of other women, education, writing – my inability to focus brings you all of these wonderful things I observe and think about every day. You will be pleased, I’m sure, even when my dry sarcasm doesn’t come across via text. I’ll work on it.

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